Journal Article Mining 2011

A research study into Practices, Policies, Plans ... and Promises

Eefke Smit, BV Bronfonteyn, Amsterdam & Maurits van der Graaf, Pleiade Management and Consultancy BV, Amsterdam   

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Journal Article Mining

This is a study of content mining of journal articles, defined as the automated processing of large amounts of digital content for purposes of information retrieval, information extraction and meta-analysis. The study aims t provide an overview of current practices, layers, polices, plans, and expectations of mining of content in academic journals.

The research consisted of 29 interviews with experts and people working on content mining and was concluded by a survey among scholarly publishers.

Use cases and business propositions are not yet fully developed, but experts expect an acceleration in mining scholarly content. This optimism is shared by publishers who are generally liberal with mining requests from third parties, certainly with a research purpose, although the volume of requests is still low. They tend to be less permissive if mining results can replace or compete with original content. 

The interviews generated a broad spectrum of possible improvements to make mining easier, especially across publishers.