Text Mining of Journal Literature 2016: Key Findings

Maralte BV ( May 2016)

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PRC TextMiningOfJournalLiteratureReport final 100516 1The Report’s key findings are:

  • A growing number of papers refer to text mining techniques, but represent less than 0.1% of the total published literature, so the visible impact so far is still quite small.
  • Awareness of text mining techniques is still relatively low. Three out of four respondents had not used the technique, and of these two thirds had not heard of text mining before this survey.
  • Conversely, current users envisage the technique to hold great promise and have typically been using it for some years. The focus is on application to their research rather than an IT focus on the tools themselves.
  • Amongst those not currently using the technique, the most appealing application is for automated systematic literature review, and over two thirds are open to evaluating text mining as a technique to apply for their research.
  • Experienced users see the benefits in extracting information, concepts and new facts.