Peer Review Survey 2015: Key Findings

Mark Ware Consulting  (May 2016)

Full Report  Press Release

PRC peer review survey report Final 2016 05 19 1 The PRC Peer Review survey 2015 concludes that peer review still has broad support, with a continuing preference for conventional, pre-publication, single or double blind review .Despite a continuing high level of support, as the practices of the academic community evolve so does a healthy scrutiny of the system, with its effectiveness, fairness, sustainabilty, and cost-effectiveness all subject to challenge and debate.

Mark Ware concludes: "Although the overall picture has evolved somewhat since my survey for PRC in 2007, support for peer review has remained remarkably stable. However there are tensions to resolve and clearly further evlution in the system is required. On the one hand, researchers want peer review to happen faster, but they also value high quality, constructive review. They want to reduce the possibliity of bias or fraud in the system, but there is still no consensus on how best to deliver that."