ECRharbingersyear2graphic2017Early Career Researchers: the harbingers of change? Year Two 2017
8  November 2017

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This reports looks at the data from Year two of a three-year long qualitative study. It provides: a) data about changes in early career researchers’ (ECRs) scholarly communication attitudes and behaviour between 2016 and 2017;b) an exploratory analysis of the data by age/status, gender and subject/discipline; c) new information from three additional questions on mega-journals, new sharing mechanisms and reproducibility introduced for the first time in 2017.

The main findings of this year’s report are that in just 12 months, changes have occurred with a few being quite significant and many more minor. That change is happening everywhere, in every area and country. That ECR’s thinking and behaviour is beginning to be influenced by the strong winds of change that are buffeting scholarly communications.

This year 109 ECRs from seven countries (China, France, Malaysia, Poland, Spain, UK and USA) were interviewed. These countries account for 50% of all papers published globally in 2016.