Press Releases

9 November 2017 Early career researchers increasingly interested in publishing their research open access, study shows

2 November 2016 PRC-Ciber report reveals attitudes to scholarly communication among Early Career Researchers

31 May 2016 Broad Support for Peer Review, Desire for Improvements Increasing

24 May 2016 Researcher Awareness of Text Mining Relatively Low, Majority Open to Learning More

28 February 2013 PRC produces a guide to text and data mining  

20 June 2011 JAM today: a new research study into Journal Article Mining provides a comprehensive look at practices, policies etc from the viewpoint of a number of stakeholders

18 January 2011 A global study investigates what types of information are important for researchers and how easy it is for them to get access to them

2 December 2010  A new study by Carol Tenopir shows the importance of journal 'brand' to readers

5 September 2009 UK small businesses’ access to academic and professional information is good – but could be better

13 February 2009 Publishers agreements allow more than authors think 

25 January 2008 Researchers want to improve not change peer review 

5 May 2007 Recent research tempers citation advantage of open access 

9 November 2006 Study identifies factors that could lead to cancelled subscriptions 

11 May 2006 Funding and bureaucracy, not access to journals, are chief obstacles to scientific productivity

3 March 2006 Author survey points to need for increased understanding of current NIH policy