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open accesslicensing Open Access Licensing

A legal perspective for authors, publishers, funders, repository platform operators, and other stakeholders in the communication of science

Carlo Scollo Lavizzari and René Viljoen (2015)

The licensing of open access publication is an evolving concern for which no practical guide yet exists. This short and we hope readable perspective serves as an introduction to the issues involved for all those concerned with scholarly communication, and in particular for those involved with the drafting and appraisal of licences and publishing agreements. It covers the complex inter-dependence of copyright licensing, publishing agreements, and open access or other licences ‘downstream’. For a full understanding there is much ground to be covered, including: the landscape of open access; the concept of copyright; the nature of publishing agreements; the principles behind open access licensing; and the impact of other agreements that affect scholarly practitioners.The guide concludes with some recommendations and opinions to steer sustainable open access licensing, and offers a checklist of concerns for all actors involved with open access publication..