About PRC

Our objective

The Publishing Research Consortium is a group of associations and publishers that support research into global issues that impact scholarly communication, in order to promote evidence-based discussion. 

Our objective is to support work that is scientific and pro-scholarship. Overall, we aim to promote an understanding of the role of publishing and its impact on research and teaching.

PRC Partners

The partners of the Publishing Research Consortium are:

TPA Logo 1000The Publishers Association (UK) (PA)
The PA  is the focal point where UK publishers meet to identify and discuss the issues challenging their industry and to develop the policies that will define the PA’s campaigns aiming to support the trading environment for our industry.Our activity includes promoting the role of publishing in scholarly communication, textbook availability for students, high standards of provision for university libraries,respect for copyright and the need for effective management of digital rights.

STM Logo PrimaryInternational Association of Scientific, Technical & Medical Publishers (STM)
STM is a broad organisation which includes large and small companies, not-for-profit organisations and learned societies, traditional primary and secondary publishers and new players. The mission of STM is to create a platform for exchanging ideas and information and to represent the interest of the STM publishing community in the fields of copyright, technology developments, and end user/library relations.

Professional & S8.5 AAP.Market.Sector.Professional Scholarly Publishing.Logo.Color.FINAL 002cholarly Publishing division of Association of American Publishers (PSP/AAP)
Members of PSP/AAP publish the vast majority of materials used in the US by scholars and professionals in science, medicine, technology, business, law, reference, social science, and the humanities and are worldwide disseminators, archivists, and shapers of scientific research via print and electronic means. The division's 100-plus professional societies, commercial publishers and university pressses produce books, journals, computer software, databases and electornic products.

PRC Steering Group

The work of the Publishing Research Consortium is coordinated by a Steering Group. Our research projects and reports are subject to peer review as appropriate. Funding is sourced on a project-by-project basis, principally from the PRC Partners and occasionally from individual publishers or interested third parties. The current membership of the Steering Group is as follows:

Stephen Lotinga (The Publishers Association) (PRC Chair)

Alicia Wise (Elsevier)
David Green (Taylor & Francis)
David Crotty (Oxford University Press)
Michael Mabe (International Association of STM Publishers)
David Nicholson (Wiley)
Wim van der Stelt (Springer Nature)
Lui Simpsom (Association of American Publishers)
Julia Wallace (PRC Research Manager)