PRC Research Projects

The PRC periodically commissions original research and surveys. These Reports are the full reports of that research. Some projects also have Summary Papers of the key conclusions that can be accessed from the links below.


Early Career Researchers: the harbingers of Change? Report on Year Two (David Nicholas et al November 2017)
This reports looks at the data from Year two of a three-year long qualitative study. It provides: a) data about changes in early career researchers’ (ECRs) scholarly communication attitudes and behaviour between 2016 and 2017

Early Career Researchers: the harbingers of change? Report on Year One (David Nicholas et al September 2016)
A research into ECR attitudes to peer review, publication behaviour and collaboration, sharing, open access, social media and emerging impact mechanisms.

Research Publication Characteristics and Their Relative Values (Tenopir et al., November 2010)
A study of researchers from 12 countries into the importance of the various characteristics of a publication in their role as readers

Journal Authors' Rights: perception and reality  (Sally Morris, March 2009)
A survey that compares what is permitted by publishers' author agreements and what authors think they are allowed to do.

NIH Author Postings  (Hutchings and Levin, March 2006)
A study to assess understanding of, and compliance with, the NIH Public Access Policy

Overcoming the Barriers to Research Productivity  (Rowlands and Olivieri, May 2006)
A case study in immunology and microbiology

Open Access

Access vs Importance - Powerpoint presentation (Mark Ware and Elsevier research team, October 2010)
A global study of nearly 4000 respondents on the importance of and ease of access to professional and academic information

Access by UK small and medium-sized enterprises to professional and academic information  (Mark Ware, September 2009)
A survey of access to research journals by high-tech SMEs and the relative importance of this information

Do Open Access Articles Have Greater Citation Impact? (Craig et al., May 2007)
A critical review of the literature

Peer Review

PRC Peer Review Survey 2015 (Mark Ware Consulting, May 2016)
A research into the opinions and current attitudes to peer review among research authors and reviewers.

Peer Review in Scholarly Journals (Mark Ware and Mike Monkman, January 2008) 
An international study into the perspective of the scholarly community

Text Mining

Text Mining of Journal Literature (Maralte BV, May 2016)
A study of the knowledge, views and experiences of researchers.

Journal Article Mining  (Smit & van der Graaf, May 2011)
A research study into Practices, Policies, Plans ... and Promises


Self-Archiving and Journal Subscriptions: co-existence or competition? (Beckett & Inger, November 2006)
An international survey of librarians’ preferences